Established to facilitate foreign investments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Opening the door to opportunity.

  • SAPEG announces $250 million debut fund – a historic and landmark opportunity to invest in state-owned assets in Saudi Arabia.

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Russian Saudi Development Center

RUSSAD is a business development company representing and assisting overseas business community between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Russia. It is formed upon the initiative of WK Holding and Jawraa, a company that have been working and investing in Russia and Saudi Arabia market.

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Our Mission

It plays a key role in promoting and nurturing mutual understanding between Saudi Arabia and Russia in business sphere. At present, RUSSAD represent the leading foreign companies and institutions doing business in Saudi Arabia. It is a fast growing constantly company looking for new investment opportunities as well as for business services to our clients.

Currently RUSSAD brings together Saudi Arabian and Russian companies to enjoy a wide range of services and unique benefits.

RAFA MFA Entertainment and Production

In January 2018, Layla formed her first start-up subsidiary company, Rafa Events. Five months later, in August of the same year, Rafa Events created a joint venture with the most significant event production company in Russia, MF Group (, establishing Rafa/MFA.

The company has been highly sought out for events of varying formats and scales: thousands of festivals, city celebrations, sporting events, fashion shows, corporate events, FIFA, Government events, G20 and more.

MF is the biggest production / event house in Russia, 300 employees in house and has its own equipment.

MF Group has a huge experience in the event industry and our specialists are highly skilled in providing the best quality productions from inception to the final product. Organizers of renown international, city and private events entrust to us to make their ideas a reality.