WK Holding Founder

Layla Issa Abuzaid CEO

WK Holding was founded in 2017 by Layla Issa Abuzaid following her tenure as CEO and co-founder of Tharawat Business and partnership with Tharawat Investment Holdings.

Layla has 15+ years of experience in leading companies in investment, agribusiness, trading, financial services, trade finance, capital market, hedge funds, private equity funds, corporate governance, and investment management at senior management and C-suite roles.

With an extensive knowledge of the South America, Russia and GCC market and a great understanding of social and corporate culture, investment landscape, networking, and rules and regulations, it gives her a competitive edge and an inside track on assessing the current investment climate and maximizing opportunities that come her way.


  • Layal received a B.A. Degree in Economics.
  • Master’s degree in Finance from London Business School.


  • CEO / Partner.
  • CEO and Partner of Tharawat Business.
  • Partner in AP Islamic Fiund, under Vision Brazil Asset Management.
Passion is everything. It's the only component that will drive you that extra mile to overcome your fear and break boundaries. Passion and a curiosity to seek out the new, the innovative, the challenging, combined with an intuitive ability to spot growth potential, has steered me to arrive at my chosen destiny; to establish highly successful global businesses and build the influential brands of tomorrow. Layla


Our goal is to make a difference, invest or partner in opportunities that will contribute to our evolution. “Move fast and break things, unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough” Quote by Mark Zuckenberg