The key to support the Saudi economy is providing innovative and creative businesses and framing them with the right opportunities to grow in size, scale and capacity. WK Holding Co. fosters firms by positioning them on a long-term employment and economic sustainability trend that benefits the communities around them. In the end, the routes to success always converge into one vision.

To be a disruptive investment house focusing on mutually beneficial long-term partnership and value creating opportunities. Our Vision
We are an investment Hub platform for investment innovation to Saudi Arabia. Our Mission
Invest in high quality and differentiate assets with an Entrepreneurial and unconventional mindset. Our approach

Why WK

  • business platform: Established to facilitate foreign investments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Fast Solution: Creating investment strategies capable of achieving client’s long-term goals in a sustainable manner.
  • Revenue Growth: Enabling our partners with the opportunity to grow and thrive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
16 Projects Succeed
12538 Total People Likes
21 Aim Achieved
Investment Focus and Approach While remaining sector agnostic, WK should target sectors that show solid fundamentals and good fit Prioritized Sectors

Business Sector

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